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Three complete tracks from the album

Change of heart
Best you can
No way to treat me

Dave Jackson - piano / vocals

Costa Fafalios - drums

Janet Jackson - bass

              Track samples here

01 Light Don't Shine
02 Ain't Over You
03 They Got The Jump On You
04 Best You Can
05 A Change Of Heart
DJT at South Mill Arts_edited_edited.jpg
06 No Way To Treat Me

Dave Jackson Trio live at South Mill Arts on 20th September 2020

07 Nothing To Lose
08 Living On The Moon
09 Things Have Changed

Growing up in Kenya may seem like a dream to many of us. Dave Jackson embarked on his musical journey playing bass at a very early age, touring the Kenya Highlands with his older brother Pete on rhythm guitar. With younger Brother Paul, their biggest fan, his favourite band 'The Saints' were soon to develop a loyal following. At the age of 20, Dave's musical dream led him to the colourful and vibrant City of London, where he honed his musical talents as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist in various bands, live music and session recording projects.  It was inevitable that Dave's creative focus would gradually shift from 'covers' to self-penned material and his song-writing talents are clearly evident in the album 'Living on the Moon'.

For many years, Dave enjoyed dipping in and out of many different musical genres, including jazz; blues; rock; country; folk and blues/rock. In the '70's in Nairobi, a 'Buddy Guy' concert inspired him to embark on a life-changing journey and armed with his favourite 'Stratocaster' and his soulful voice, he immersed himself in one of the most emotive of the musical genres – the blues.


Dave also had a profound love of the piano and this took him to places such as New Orleans; Cape Town; Rio Brisbane; Italy and everywhere in between.  It was on these travels that he met his lifelong best friend, partner and soul mate, professional musician,

Jan Jackson.  

Back on guitar, (with Jan on bass), Dave continued his musical journey....until three years ago, he was suddenly diagnosed with lung cancer. This also affected his left arm and shoulder and he was forced to give up playing guitar. Always looking for the positives in life, he re-visited his jazz piano-playing roots......and so 'Dave Jackson Trio' were born.  

The third member of the trio, highly accomplished drummer and good friend, Costa Fafalios joined 'DJT' in November 2018.

In September 2020, the trio played to a capacity audience at South Mill Arts and whilst basking in lovely weather and the jazzy, bluesy music that drifted over the gardens, the trio were inspired to record 'Living on the Moon'.

Very shortly after completing the album, Dave sadly passed away (15th May 2021). He realised his record an album of his original jazzy material. As well as leaving a rich musical legacy, it is his expressed wish for his music to continue in the form of a jazz piano trio... Jan Jackson Trio has evolved from Dave's musical vision and the new trio are proud to launch the album of Dave's final original recordings. A warm welcome to the newest member of the fold, Kris Borowski, who brings with him a unique style of musicianship which compliments the trio perfectly.

Prior to Dave's passing on 15th May, 'DJT' had planned to launch the album, playing original material live at South Mill Arts on 5th June, which makes it even more poignant that having completed the album and formed a new trio, Jan and Costa are very privileged to be able to host this event on 7th October.

Jan Jackson Trio will be performing a number of original songs from the album, together with a selection of jazz standards

and instrumentals.

St. Clare Hospice will be co-hosting the album launch. Jan would like to thank the wonderful nurses from the Hospice who provided such compassionate care for Dave in the comfort of their own home. Proceeds from album sales will be donated to the Hospice.

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